5 tips for creating a pet-friendly living space

Adult Chocolate Labrador Retriever Lying on Brown and White Striped Textile

Everyone loves pets, whether it is a cat or a dog. Jumping headfirst into a decision of getting a pet might not be a smart idea. It is imperative that you foresee some factors prior to actioning this decision.

When getting a pet, you should be able to make peace with seeing hair all-around your house and the occasional mess that your furry friend can leave behind. What can be a potential solution to such concerns? The answer might be creating a pet-friendly living space.

Keep a proper entry for the pets

In the hallway area, you can create a station for your pet to keep all the treats, toys, and leashes for your cat or dog. Moreover, if you want to avoid door griming, then put some wipes to clean out the muddy cat paws. Just make sure to wipe out your pet before your furry pet dirty the house. You can easily remove the debris by using a mat just outside the door.  

Durable flooring is a must

It is always a good idea to choose high durability flooring. Usually, people keep carpets on the floor. This is also not a bad option. Though, it is better to ensure the hard flooring which bears all the tears without getting damaged.

Some durable flooring options can be stone tiles, laminate floors, ceramic-built tiles, or concrete. These hard flooring options don’t require much cleaning effort. You can easily wipe out the dirt from the floor. Also, carpets are vulnerable to stains and can turn out to be a bad choice. In this case, durable flooring will remain stain-free.

Moreover, the durable floors will not heat up your house compared to the other flooring types especially during hot and humid weather. Your pets can enjoy walking on a cool floor in hot times.

Choose a fur-free upholstery

Before you invest in new furniture, you need to consider some things. Which fabrics can get damaged by your pets? You need to be wise in selecting the upholstery. It should be a fur-free upholstery which hides all the fur. Also, the upholstery should leave less burden on you. The patterned fabrics can be preferred to hide all your pet hair.

Keep your rugs slip-proof

With a rug, the complete look of your sweet home can be changed. Rugs can be a good option in securing your floor from any stains or your pets’ muddy claws. With rugs, it will be helpful to maintain a comfortable space for your pets to sneeze. If you want to keep your rugs at the desirable place, it is good to get it to slip-proof.

Minimize all your decorative items

If you keep a vase or frames in your house, it is best to remove them or your pet will break it. It can also be dangerous for your pet to get hurt. If your pet is always curious to find things in your home, just minimize all your decorative things.

Give them own space within different areas in the house

Pets enjoy living in their own space in the house. If you want to keep your pets at a distance from your bed or sofa, then create a pet space in your home. Dogs enjoy lying on their couches inside the home.

It is not a tough job to maintain a pet-friendly home setting. With the above-mentioned tips, you can secure your pet inside the house. Don’t let your dog’s fur spill all over your bed and give them their own space.