What to consider when taking your dog along for hiking

What to consider when taking your dog along for hiking

Dogs can be excellent companions to humans. Pet parents love to take their pet along wherever they go. You must have seen people taking their dog along for vacations or individuals who take their dog along even for hiking. The former can be a relatively easily task than the latter. Irrespective of whether you travel with your dog or whether you take him along for hiking, it is essential that you consider some precautionary measures to counter any possible risks. The blog post details some important tips to be considered while bringing your dog along on a hike.

 Ensuring optimum health

Ensure that your dog is physically fit for the task. If your dog clocks ideal metrics with respective to factors like weight and age, weigh those factors against the major challenges involved in the task like the trail, climatic conditions etc. The dog breed is also a critical factor that determines how successful the trip would be. Some dog breeds for instance, brachycephalic or short-snouted dog breeds find it really difficult to withstand extreme hot climatic conditions. Consider some special tips while taking brachycephalic dog breed along for hiking during summer.

First aid kit for your pet

You can always expect your loved pooch to suffer some minor injuries, but it is essential to prepare for the worst. Foresee the worst case scenario and pack a complete first aid kit for your dog. It is imperative that your pet first aid kit comprises of devices like tweezers, e-collar, soft muzzle, a pet towel and hydrogen peroxide (to treat wounds).

Precautionary vaccination

Vaccinate your pet against fleas, bacteria, ticks and parasites. Parasitic or bacteria infections are always on the cards since your dog might get exposed to different environments like stagnant water and contaminated soil. Ensure that you vaccinate your dog against all these possible contaminations. Vaccination against flea and ticks are taken twice a year and six months apart. It is always ideal to vaccinate your dog against all these possible hazards, at least two weeks prior to the trip.

Backpack training

Your dog can also be a handy companion when it comes to carry along belongings on a hiking trip. He can be trained to carry at least his own first aid kit and food. This is why dog backpack training is highly recommended. Accustom your dog to carry along stuffs in backpack at least a couple of weeks before the trip. While deciding on the weight of backpack, it is essential for you to consider factors like the health history of your dog, his current health condition etc. Experts recommend confining the backpack weight to a metric that is not more than 1/4th of your dog’s weight.

Veterinary health check

A complete veterinary check is an absolute necessity, especially when you are taking your dog along for hiking. Finding veterinary clinics near hiking trails is a rarity; therefore, you don’t want to take any chances. Just ensure that your dog is physically and mentally fit for the task and get an expert opinion on the same. A veterinarian can provide a more accurate and expert opinion on all the above-listed factors.

Keep an eye on your dog throughout the trip and take short breaks in between to ensure that he doesn’t get tired. Even though almost all dogs are active and likes to keep themselves engaged in physical activities, hiking can be an exception, especially when your dog encounters it for the first time.