Tips to consider when choosing a dog bowl

Tips to consider when choosing bowl for your dog

Have you been to a pet shop recently? If yes, you might have noticed dog bowls in different shapes and sizes. You are mistaken if you felt that this is just an attempt to attract attention. Dog bowls in different sizes and shapes are uniquely designed for different purposes or dog breeds. This post will feature some crucial tips that you need to consider while choosing a dog bowl.

Slow feeding dog bowls

Do you feel that your dog “inhales” his food? Dog’s gulping down their food may not be a rarity, but it can be an issue with some breeds, for example, brachycephalic dogs. When a pooch gulps down his food, he is vulnerable to issues like indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting and even chocking.

Slow feeding bowls can thwart any concerns regarding your pooch gulping down his food. Such bowls are often designed with ridges that prevent the dog from taking large bites.

Elevated dog bowl

Dogs have a tendency to paw at their bowl. Elevated dog bowls are ideal for preventing dogs from doing this. Additionally, experts believe that such dogs are ideal for giant dog breeds that find it difficult to stoop down to eat.

More importantly, studies have also shown that using elevated bowls reduces stress and prevents any gastrointestinal or joint damages in giant dogs.

Shallow Bowls

Dogs belonging to the brachycephalic breeds face several health-related issues, one among which makes it difficult for them to consume food from elevated bowls or normal dog bowls.

Shallow dog bowls are designed for such dogs to make it easier for them to reach for their food without putting much strain on their food pipe. Shallow bowls are also the popular choice for feeding puppies.

Deep dog bowls

Deep dog bowls are perfect to feed dog with elongated faces like Great Danes, Bloodhounds and German Shepherds. Deep dog bowls can provide these dog breeds with the ideal means to ingest their food.

Automatic Dog feeder

Automatic dog feeders are a great option if you leave your dog alone at home on a regular basis. People who work around the clock usually resort to this option.

Programmable automatic dog feeders can be timed to ensure that your dog has access to food only when you want him to have it.

The caveat with automatic dog feeders is that your dog can try and break in and you cannot regulate your dog’s food intake.

Travel dog bowls

Your checklist for a trip with your dog should always consist of travel dog bowl. Travel blogs are ideally foldable, easy to carry and inexpensive. Usually made of polyester or plastic fabric, travel dog bowls comes with nylon or plastic lined interior that holds the food.

Choosing a bowl for your dog can be tricky, especially when you are unaware of the functionality of each of the bowl types. Ensure that you go through the different options and do not hesitate to ask questions to store person. You can even seek recommendations from your veterinarian to pick the right bowl for your pooch.