Tips for choosing a brachycephalic dog breed

Tips for choosing a brachycephalic dog breed

Brachycephalic dog breeds are long known for all the right and the wrong reasons. The smashed-in face that gives them a cute and cuddly look is something that earns them the spotlight. However, the fact that this dog breed is associated with breathing issues and other health risks from birth is ironic. Pet parents decide... Read more »

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The advantages of breed specific nutrition

Most of the present day dog parents struggle to find or plan the right diet plan for their pooch. As an informed dog owner, you should know that each breed has unique nutritional requirements. It is also vital to understand that satisfying these requirements is so crucial when it comes to bringing out different results... Read more »

short nosed dog sleeping in bed

Should you let your dog sleep on your bed?

Co-sleeping with dogs is a highly debated issue. There are pet parents who will merrily share their bed with the dog. However, a majority of the pet parents loathe the idea of co-sleeping with dogs. As a dog parent, if you are unaware of whether to co-sleep with your dog or not, it is always... Read more »

Dog ageing: Identify the signs

Caring for a senior dog is always an overwhelming task. However, identifying the signs of ageing or determining when your senior companion needs that special attention can be more challenging. There are several factors that influence ageing in dogs. For instance, size and life span of the dog can vary when it comes to determining... Read more »

The benefits of wet diets for dogs

The benefits of wet diets for dogs

Choosing wet or dry food for your dog can be an overwhelming task. You can easily find several debates on the topic online, which adds to the confusion. Most of the so called pet professionals point out that wet dog food can inflict issues like tooth decay and bad oral health. However, it is important... Read more »

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Dog Flu: A complete guide

Dogs are susceptible to flu similar to humans. The seasonal changes are the main reason that triggers different flu-related illness in dogs. It is always ideal to foresee the different types of aspects related to dog flu and prepare ahead. While most of the dog flu¬†cases are not fatal, the advanced stages can make your... Read more »

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Pet insurance: what you need to know

Most of the present day individuals pets to be an integral part of their family. However, owning a pet and looking after it can be expensive. The veterinary expense is the second most expensive factor related to owning a pet. As responsible pet parents, it is imperative that you look into different monetary aspects related... Read more »

What you need to know about dental disease in dogs

What you need to know about dental disease in dogs

Dog dental disease can be one of the major headaches for respective parents. The fact that dental diseases in dogs are highly common is something that adds to the misery.¬† As a pet parent, you need to be aware that, if not diagnosed and treated at the right time, the condition can even adversely affect... Read more »

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Hot weather risks in short nosed pets

Brachycephalic or short-nosed dogs are born with various health concerns. If you own a brachycephalic dog, it is important for you to understand that they require special care, especially during summer. There are different factors to consider preparing your short-nosed for the summer or an unusually hot day. The root cause of the concern Unlike... Read more »

Tips to identifying & eliminating cat fleas

Tips to identifying & eliminating cat fleas

Cat flea infestation is a common concern for feline owners. Fleas are hard to detect, especially if you are someone who is unable to spend considerable amount of time with your cat. Before you plan a flea treatment, it is important to confirm that your cat is infected with flea and is not scratching because... Read more »