Dog neutering & spaying: pre & post-operative care tips

Dogs with behavioral issues like trying to mark his territory (by lifting his leg) or paying attention to other dogs rather than their owners are difficult to contain. This is where the option of spaying, neutering or desexing can play a crucial role. Understanding the difference and acting accordingly can help you to enjoy the... Read more »

5 things to consider when moving house with your cat

We all know that moving house is a tedious task. From hiring a truck to unpacking at your new place; there are several occasions where you can make mistakes. On top of all this chaos and confusions, what if you have your adorable cat along with you while you make this big move? How can... Read more »

Dog admitted in a veterinary clinic

Dog seizure: first aid tips

Watching your dog having a seizure can be a terrifying experience. There are certain things that you can do to help your dog in a seizure. Most of the dog parents are taken by surprise when their pooch undergoes a seizure and doesn’t know what to do or can’t do anything due to the pressure... Read more »

5 tips to raising a puppy

As an aspiring dog lover, you should know that being a puppy parent is a big responsibility. Puppies can melt even the strongest heart. You can’t resist, but love your furry bowl of joy. However, you should always consider the possibility of spoiling your puppy with the endless amount of love and care that you... Read more »

A girl taking a puppy out from a crate

Tips to choose your dog’s crate

Dogs are den dwellers and love to have a confined space to retreat to towards the end of the day. Dogs crates can be the ideal sweet spot for any dogs, provided, you choose the right one for your furry friend.  As a dog owner, you shouldn’t be discouraged about the idea of buying a... Read more »

Dog shedding: 5 tips to consider

Dog shedding is a normal phenomenon. However, the dog hair embedded cushions and carpets can be a major headache for the pet parents. The amount and the frequency of the dog shedding are related to the bread type and their health statistics. As a pet parent, it is ideal to be knowledgeable about the different... Read more »


Flat faced cats and heatstroke: 4 things to consider

Summer can be a harsh time for your pets. Both dogs and cats can suffer heat-related illness especially, exhaustion or heat stroke. If normal felines are vulnerable to heat distress, how about the breeds that require special attention? Yes, we are talking about brachycephalic of flat-faced cat species. Flat faced cats like Persian cats, Himalayan... Read more »


Lost pet? The first 5 things to do

To lose a pet is the nightmare of any pet parent. Being alert, thinking and acting quick, are the best strategies to bring your loved one home before the sunset. As per the statistics, there are different reasons why pets go missing. Dogs and cats have the tendency to run off due to instances like... Read more »

A golden retriever lying on wooden floor looking sad

5 signs that your dog is in pain

As a responsible dog parent, it is your duty to ensure that your dog is safe and sound. However, identifying whether your pooch is in pain can be a difficult task. Some symptoms of your pooch in pain are easy to identify, then there are some, which can be difficult to decode. Remember that your... Read more »

5 exciting ways to keep your cat active indoors

Controlling the weight or ensuring optimum health of an indoor cat can be a challenge. As cats that spend the majority of their time indoors do not get enough exercise, they are not mentally and physically stimulated. This usually leads to obesity, which in turn can trigger serious health concerns. Keeping your cats active indoors... Read more »