How to trim your dog’s nails effortlessly

Dog nail trimming is considered as a necessary evil by dog owners. Most of the dog owners are intimidated by this task simply because they might end up ‘quicking’ their beloved pooch. As per the experts, short nails are the essence of your dog’s health. Long toe nails in dogs can lead to painful feet... Read more »

Tips to Care for your English Bulldog Puppy

How to care for your English bulldog puppy

English bulldogs are one of the exclusive dog breeds known for their cuteness and sturdiness at the same time. This bulldog breed is one of the ideal choices to have as a pet. Belonging to the brachycephalic dog breeds, English bulldog puppies often requires additional care. As a pet lover who owns an English bulldog... Read more »

Common bath mistakes made by pet owners

Common bath mistakes made by pet owners Part 1

Pets and bath are often too hard to put together. Bathing can be a relaxing and soothing experience from a human’s perspective, but with all the shampooing and scrubbing, pets often feel otherwise. Therefore, there is no wonder that you and your pet have different opinions when it comes to bathing. As a pet parent,... Read more »

Common Cat allergies to keep an eye out for

Common Cat allergies to keep an eye out for

Cat allergies can present itself in many ways. As per the experts, abnormality with food is the major cause of cat allergies. The immune system of the allergic can even deem food or other substances that it gets exposed to on a daily basis, as a threat. An allergic cat will try to reject these... Read more »

Tips to leash train your dog

Tips to leash train your dog

Dogs are cute, obedient and extremely loyal to their masters. Even though dogs give priority to his master’s concern and wishes, there are some things that they might need some training to abide by. For instance, almost all the dogs are known to show some distress against bathing and walking on a leash. This blog... Read more »

Special care tips for bulldog and other short-snouted dogs in summer

Special care tips for bulldog and other short-snouted dogs in summer

Hot climatic conditions present a challenge for short-snouted dog owners, especially bulldog owners. Short-snouted or Brachycephalic dogs are known for the skull conformation, which contributes to their breathing problems. Some of the common Brachycephalic or short-snouted dog breeds are: French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Pg, Shih Tzu, Brussels Griffon, Boxer etc. The skull deformity makes these... Read more »

How to make the trip to vet a happy one for your pet

How to make the trip to vet, a happy one for your pet

Taking pets to a vet is one of the most challenging aspects faced by pet owners, especially, when it’s their first pet. You have to make peace with the fact that pets are usually not crazy about visiting a veterinary clinic. For almost all the pets, especially cats and dogs, veterinary clinics present a number... Read more »

How to Care for your French bulldog Puppy

French bulldogs were a result of a cross between local breeds from Paris called ratters and bulldogs from England, these breeds were initially considered as the miniature and playful variant of the Bulldog. Renowned for their affectionateness to respective family and all-around friendliness, these breeds can be peerless companion to man. As French bulldogs belong... Read more »

Tips to Travel with your Pet Dog

Tips to travel with your dog

Going away on a vacation can be exciting, taking your furry friend along, adds to the happiness. Most of the present day families who own a pet dog takes him with them on vacations to make it a more memorable one. Listed here are a number of tips that could make the task of travelling... Read more »

Common health issues faced by brachycephalic dog breeds

Common health issues faced by brachycephalic dog breeds

Brachycephalic dog are the breeds with skull deformity which gives them a flat face and obstructed airway. Even though the abnormality with this breed makes them look a tad cuter than most of the other breeds, the cuteness comes with a prices. Brachycephalic dog breeds are known to exhibit several health related issues by default... Read more »