woman walking on the street with black and white bulldog

5 benefits of walking your dog

Most pet parents are lazy to walk their dog, especially during unfavorable climatic conditions. There are also people who work around the clock and hardly have time to take their dog for a walk. Irrespective of the scenario, denying your dog a walk is a total no-no if you foresee certain factors. There are several... Read more »

shot coated tan dog inside a cage

Dog crate training: the 4 crucial steps

There are two ways to look at housing your dog in a crate. While some people consider it a cruel practice, some consider it to be a necessity. Even when you have emotions for the dog, training him to get accustomed to the crate can create positive psychology. If trained properly, your pooch can associate... Read more »

A white labrador dog staring

Dog body language: interesting ways to decode

Dog parents with little knowledge about their dog’s body language will find it difficult to comprehend what their pooch is trying to communicate. Dogs have their own means of communicating their emotional state or intentions. They use sounds and their body language, especially their facial expressions and postures to communicate their intentions. It is always... Read more »

A black coloured pug looking confused

Reverse sneezing in brachycephalic dogs: what you need to know

Reverse sneezing in dogs is a common concern. To watch your pooch in action can be a terrifying experience. Reverse sneezing is more common in dogs compared to cats. When your dog reverse-sneezes, it looks like he is gasping for air. Considering the breathing issues in short-nosed dogs, reverse sneezing in brachycephalic dogs can be... Read more »

short nosed dog in a closed car gasping for air

What happens when you leave a short-nosed dog in a locked car?

Owners leaving their dogs locked in cars are not a rarity. While it might seem to be ideal when rolling down the window to make sure that the dog has enough ventilation, it can still be a devastating experience for your four-legged companion, especially, if they belong to the brachycephalic breed. Brachycephalic dog breeds, as... Read more »

Diarrhea in dogs: things to consider

Diarrhea in dogs can be a common concern. Dogs are curious beings that like to bite and consume everything that they come across. This can cause health concerns like indigestion and diarrhea. You should not worry about diarrhea in dogs, unless it persists for more than a day or if it is frequent. There are... Read more »

How to approach and greet a strange dog

Not to greet a dog can be hard. Greeting a dog is a gut action for most pet lovers. However, most of the individuals do not understand or consider the fact that, if you dont greet a strange dog the right way, things can take a drastic change. Inappropriate greeting strategy can always make the... Read more »

girl hugging a dog with white coat and black spots

Dog oral health: why you should care

No matter how well you look into the dental health of your dog, you can still come across issues like bad breath, tartar, plaque and gingivitis. Consistency can be the key to alleviating dental care issues in your furry friend. Failing to heed to the dental care requirements can make things worse. Oral health is... Read more »

Tips to change your dog’s diet the right way

Changing a dog’s diet in a day can be a dream for most dog parents. The fact is that the only and the right way to change your dog’s diet is to do it gradually. Changing your dog’s diet in a span of two or three days can have its consequences. We have had scenarios... Read more »

4 tips to prevent dog licking

Dogs can get a liking to licking. You might find your dog licking themselves, other dogs, objects, you and other people. Even if you like your dog licking you, others might not enjoy it when your pooch approaches for a friendly lick, and in the interest of his health, it is better to prevent him... Read more »