Cat vomiting: top 5 reasons

Cats have a tendency to vomit occasionally. As a feline parent, it can be difficult to determine when to worry. This is where it is ideal to be knowledgeable about cat vomiting and the different reasons. Occasional vomiting can be due to many reasons. For instance, when a cat kills a rat or a bird,... Read more »


Water bowl for your dog: Things to keep in mind

Keeping your dog’s water bowl clean can be a challenge. Most dog owners are not aware about the importance of keeping their pooch’s water bowl clean. The fact is, the water bowl can be an ideal source for bacteria formation, which can easily affect your dog’s health. Lots of dog owners do not really care... Read more »

Dog eye infections: an overview

Dog eye infection can be a common concern. There are several signs of dog eye infections that you should be aware of. As a dog owner, it is important that you keep tabs on the ocular health of your dog especially if he has preexisting health concerns like allergies or other illness that makes him... Read more »

Two kittens wrapped in towel after bath

Top tips to bathing a cat with fewer traumas

Pet lover who owns a cat would agree with the fact that bathing a cat is a challenge. Cats are clean when compared to dogs; they indulge in self-grooming on most of the occasions. This is why they feel that they can get through long periods without having to take a bath. Hairless cat breeds... Read more »

Tips to keep your dog safe from snake bite

Tips to keep your dog safe from snake bite

Snakes are a definite danger for pets, especially dogs that tend to be aggressive towards them. As humans, we know that snakes are dangerous and we take all the precautions if we come across one. However, for dogs, they are just another animal. As a dog parent, it is your duty to ensure that your... Read more »

Dog itching: top 6 reasons

Itching, scratching and licking in dogs is a common issue to such an extent that a dog not indulge in any of these can be deemed abnormal. However, frequent itching in dogs can be the sign of serious underlying health problems. As a pet parent, it is imperative to understand why your pooch is itching... Read more »

pug looking at a bowl full of cookies

Top 4 bowls for brachycephalic dogs

Brachycephalic dog breeds are one of the dog breeds with abnormalities from birth. As a brachycephalic dog owner, you should be aware about the potential health risks and concerns associated with these breeds. The flattened face provides these dogs with an adorable and unique appearance; however, it comes with a cost. One of the common... Read more »

Dog fights: Top 3 reasons

A dogfight can be a headache for any pet owner. On most of the occasions, the dog owners find it difficult to understand whether their dog is fighting or playing. As a dog owner, it would be hard for you to understand when to step in and to hinder further interaction between dogs. Ability or... Read more »

Why desexing your cat is a good idea

Felines are active and efficient breeders. The fact that cats can be pregnant when they are as young as four months and can produce at least three liters per year is startling. In numbers, a cat can give birth to around 180 kittens in her lifetime. These statistics makes sense when you consider the number... Read more »

Short nosed cats: special care tips

Cats, especially brachycephalic cats have adorable personalities and calm character. This is something that makes them popular among the other pets. However, medical issues with brachycephalic cats make them require special care and attention. Brachycephalic cats are easily recognizable as some of the characteristic features are short muzzles, smushed face and protruding eyes. In recent... Read more »