dog lying on the carpet after peeing

5 tips to prevent your dog from peeing inside

Dogs peeing inside can be common; however, it is a major headache for dog parents. On some occasions, dogs soiling can be a onetime thing. For instance, housebroken dogs that are adopted or those that move into a new house feels they need mark their territory via peeing. The real trouble starts when your dog... Read more »

Dog sleeping in an orthopedic dog bed

Orthopedic dog beds: what you need to know

Dogs spent most of their time sleeping and especially beside their owner. Most of the dog parents allow their pooch to sleep in their bed. But the fact that the mattress you sleep in might not suitable for your dog, is hardly ever considered. Imagine sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, the possibility of you waking... Read more »

Dog coughing: what you need to know

Coughing in dogs can be common; however, persistent coughing is not. As a dog owner, you might find it difficult to understand when your pooch’s cough signifies a serious underlying issue and when it does not. Dogs can cough due to several reasons. You might have to analyze the intensity of the cough, the circumstances... Read more »

Top 4 dog food allergy symptoms

Food allergy in dogs is not a rarity. Most of the dog owners confuse food allergy with food intolerance. While food intolerance arises due to improper digestion, food allergy is the over reaction of your pooch’s immune system to proteins in food. Associating protein with only meat dominated food is a common thing; however, what... Read more »

Dog anxiety: causes, symptoms & natural remedies

Anxiety in dogs can pose some bigger threats than anyone can imagine. If you own a pet and you do not have enough petting experience, anxiety is one issue that you have to consider. Anxiety in dogs can pose itself as different classes like fears, panic or stress. Each of these can make your dog... Read more »

Dog worming

Why worming your pet is important

Our furry friend can easily be our best companion. Taking care of your pet can be an overwhelming task. Pets, mostly dogs and cats are commonly infected by worms of different types. Most of these worms or parasites can easily disrupt the normal lifestyle of your furry friend can make it worse with time. Furthermore,... Read more »

Creative ways to exercise your dog indoor

Creative ways to exercise your dog indoors

If you own a dog, you should make sure that exercise is an important part of his daily routine. Experts suggest that you should at least walk your dog on a daily basis. However, some conditions or barriers can hinder the task of exercising your dog. For instance, dog owners usually take a break from... Read more »

5 Questions to ask a French Bulldog Breeder

French bulldogs are one of the popular breeds among dog lovers. If you wish to get a French bulldog, there are several things that you need to be aware of. As they belong to the brachycephalic dog breeds, French bulldogs require special care and attention.  French bulldogs, like all their short nosed companions are vulnerable... Read more »

Top dog male and female names

Getting a new dog is exciting. Most of the dog lovers does elaborate research prior to making the final decision. As a responsible pet parent, when it comes to getting a new puppy, there are several things to ponder on. The task can be overwhelming as you need to decide on several things ranging from... Read more »

5 money saving tips for dog owners

Owning a dog can be exciting. For dog owners, their pooches are their best companion. However, taking care of such a companion can be expensive. As per the statistics, dog owners spend money on different aspects ranging from dog food to veterinary bills. As a dog owner, foreseeing several aspects and acting according can make... Read more »