Is your dog drooling excessively? Know why

Is your dog Drooling Excessively, know why

Dogs are one among the popular pet choices across the globe. However, excessive drooling is not one among all the traits that them popular amid pet lovers.

There are many reasons for dogs to drool; some dogs like Saint Bernard and mastiffs are born-droolers. As a matter of fact, a healthy slobber is ideal for dogs to digest their food and keeping their mouth wet, which in turn helps them to regulate the body temperature. However, excessive drooling, while sleeping or signs that your dog is struggling to contain saliva can indicate serious health issues.

Dental issues

Dental issues can be one of the main reasons that induce excessive dog drooling. The tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth can lead to excessive drooling. Diagnosing tartar buildup is easy; you can check your dog’s teeth for any signs of discoloration and their gum for any signs of bleeding, swelling or rashes.


Excessive dog drooling is one of the symptoms of heatstroke in dogs. Dogs, especially the brachycephalic dog breeds are vulnerable to heatstroke and excessive drooling. These dog breeds are diagnosed with breathing difficulties from birth and find it difficult to regulate air flow, especially during summer.

If you find your dog drooling excessively during summer, one thing that you can do is provide him plenty of fresh water and a cool and shady place to rest. If you still cannot control the situation, you need to consult a veterinarian.


Several types of positions or toxins can cause your dog to drool excessively. For example food poisoning from spoiled food or garbage, which are usually contaminated with bacteria like Escherichia coli, Streptococcus are known to induce drooling, tremors and shaking.

Consuming poisonous plants like tulips or azaleas can also cause your dog to drool more than normal.


Surprisingly, anxiety is another factor that can cause your dog to drool more than normal. Your dog can get anxious for several reasons.  He can get anxious when he is introduced to water for the first time or even while going on long road trips, especially in cars. Ensure that you take necessary precautions to alleviate your dog’s nausea while going on long road trips or introducing him to water for the first time.

Throat Infections

Dogs that have throat infections are vulnerable to drooling. Shelter dogs or dogs which live with other pets are more susceptible to throat infections. The best possible way to treat throat infection in your dog is by taking him to a veterinarian.

Other diseases

Dog’s suffering from kidney or liver disease also shows the tendency to drool abnormally. Such a scenario is prominent with older dogs and this is why it is highly recommended to take your dog for a complete checkup at least once a month as they age.

When it comes to the happiness and well being of your pooch, it is ideal to consider the option to prevent rather than cure. Keep a close eye on your pooch and ensure that he is not acting strange or in any kind of distress.